Fortscale Security: Fortscale 3.0

Fortscale is a cyber security company specializing in UBA – User Behavior Analytics. I joined the company as a UX principal designer, in charge of the user experience for its award-winning flagship product*.
UBA is all about insider threats: finding rogue employees that are out to do some harm, or attackers who obtain employee credentials to infiltrate the network.

Together with the product team, I helped realize a strategic transformation to realign the Fortscale product with the security analyst’s perspective, enabling a streamlined workflow to detect and mitigate insider threats.

*Selected as a “Cool Vendor” by Gartner for User and Entity Behavior Analytics

VMware:  vRealize Business Standard

vRealize Business Standard helps VMware customers to manage their cloud operations in a business like fashion; IT managers monitor, analyze and optimize their cloud computing costs, assign budgets and track cloud services consumption of organisational business units.

From its inception in 2012 through its current 3rd major release, I have been the lead UX designer for VRBS. With iterative design through the agile development process, I focused on high fidelity prototyping as the main vehicle for communication and specification  across management, development, QE, and documentation teams. The online, interactive prototype was continuously updated and served as the ‘central source of truth’ for all stakeholder, enabling an efficient and smooth development progress.

My design goal was to provide the highest value insights through carefully selected graphical charts, so that managers can quickly understand the big piture but also dive in to details when needed.

The product was enthusiasticallly accepted  by the market and received outstanding feedback for its UI and user experience:

“..We are itching for this solution”
“Huge time saver”
“This is what our CIO needs…”
“Simple guidance to cost of a VM”
“Out of the box data – great start; helps a lot’

Watch a video about VRBS:

VMware: VRB for iPad

VMware’s IT Business Management iPad application provides transparency and control over the cost of IT services, this enables IT executives to better align with business demands, optimize cost and show end-users how they consume IT resources.

The design challenge I faced was to find a way to help IT business owners navigate vast amounts of financial data and get business insights, all in a context of a fast paced environment using a mobile device.
The solution is a visual analysis tool with a truly unique and innovative user interface; the app enables quick and easy analysis of large amounts of financial information. By combining the multi facet interaction style of a carousel and the hierarchical structure of a heat map the user can examine different aspects of cost objects and then drill down to areas of interest such as budget deviation, bloated costs, or irregular consumption of services.

More about the iPad app:

VRB for iPad on iTunes Store:

EMC: xCP Designer

EMC Documentum xCP Designer is the flagship product of EMC Information Intelligence Group.

xCP is a fully fledged IDE that provides composition tools for rapidly building case management software applications. Model and deploy business processes, create high-fidelity electronic forms, and design user interfaces using a drag-and-drop, graphical toolset. xCP applications are configuration-based and require minimal custom code.
I was the lead designer for analytics, charts and reports features for xCP 2.0.

EMC Documentum TaskSpace is an award winning*, highly configurable user interface that unites process, content, and monitoring into a single user experience for transaction-centric business applications.

I had been the UX design lead on TaskSpace from inception to release.

TaskSpace is a ground breaking product in a number of ways – it was designed with a focus on transactional content management, with users such as insurance claim processors or loan processors in mind. These users need a very efficient, streamlined tool to help them perform various tasks around reading, annotating, reviewing or approving documents. EMC Documentum does not sell solutions, so typically it takes a long time for 3rd party solution providers (e.g. Ness in Israel) to customize its software products to client needs.
With TaskSpace, however, we offered a fully configurable product line that dramatically reduces the need to write custom code.

* TaskSpace won the 2007 BPM product of the year award by Document Management magazine

Esprida: Catapult

I directed a complete redesign of Catapult™, the company’s flagship product, using a user-centered methodology resulting in a web based, task oriented, intuitive interface.

Catapult™ is a device management platform that allows organizations to remotely control and effectively manage intelligent devices such as kiosks and digital mini-lab systems.

Listed as inventor in a US patent: APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR MANAGING A NETWORK OF INTELLIGENT DEVICES United States Patent PCT/US2006/013542 – Issued February 24, 2010 Inventors: Yousif Hassan, Uri Kochavi, Asad Jobanputra


CONTROL-SA is a BMC Software integrated client/server solution for enterprise-wide security management of information systems distributed across heterogeneous platforms. CONTROL-SA provides the necessary tools to manage the two invaluable assets, users and information resources, and to define the appropriate connections between them.