Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.Albert Einstein

Hello, I’m Uri Kochavi.

I am a senior level user experience designer, with a Master’s degree in Interactive Multimedia from the Royal College of Arts, London (1996).
With over 15 years in the field of User Experience, I help companies produce engaging, usable and useful software products by employing an iterative, user-centered design methodology.

Having studied in Europe and worked in North America and the Middle East, I’m well versed in working in cross-cultural, interdisciplinary environments.

Currently employed by VMware, I am working on an advanced cloud computing business management line of products. Prior to that, I held hands-on and management positions in both user experience agencies and in enterprise outfits. I designed web applications, client-server software, desktop and mobile products for a variety of clients, among which are the Federal Reserve Bank (USA), Tiscali (Italy) and the Israeli government.

In addition to my daily design work, I occasionally prepared and led public and company workshops, sessions and lectures. As a senior team member, I mentored junior designers and front-end developers.

I believe that any software product should be not only usable and useful, but also a joy to work with.